Wake United Campaign Cabinet

  • Chair: Roger Beahm (Professor of Practice, School of Business)
  • Co-Chair, and Women’s Leadership Council Representative: Barbara Walker (Senior Associate Athletic Director)
  • Department Coordinator Representative: Vicki Keslar (Office Operations Manager, Office of Personal and Career Development)
  • Young Leaders United Representative: Anthony Tang (Alumni Coordinator, Advancement)
  • Mary Pugel (Chief of Staff, Office of the President)
  • Kevin Cox (Director, Crisis Communication)
  • Gray Handwerk (Administrative Coordinator, Center for Retail Innovation, School of Business)
  • Kathleen O’Rourke (HR Representative, Human Resources Department)
  • William Wang (Director-General, The Media; EVP, Strategy and Media Insights, WakeTV)
  • Hayden Lineberger (The Media)

cabinet at leadership breakfast

2016 WakeUnited Campaign Cabinet with President Nathan O. Hatch (Not pictured: Kevin Cox)